Plan Bay Area is a long-range integrated transportation and land-use/housing strategy for the San Francisco Bay Area.  On July 18, 2013, the Plan was jointly approved by the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) Executive Board and by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

The Plan was established as the Bay Area's long-range strategy to meet the requirements of California’s 2008 Senate Bill 375, which calls on each of the state’s 13 metropolitan areas to develop a Sustainable Communities Strategy to accommodate future population growth and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars and light trucks. 1

What are Features of Plan Bay Area?

Plan Bay Area has two land-use components.  Priority Development Areas (PDAs), located along transit corridors, are where 80% of Bay Area’s population is to live and work.  Priority Conservation Areas (PCAs) are designated open spaces.
Special Features of PDA’s:
• Developer-financed and tax-payer financed subsidized housing.
• Mixed-use multi-family projects.
• Transit-oriented transportation.
Special Features of PCA’s
• Wildlife and plant habitats, aquatic ecosystems, agricultural lands, and urban green spaces.
• Comprise nearly 95% of Bay Area property, public and private.
• Policy protected, with limited development and use of property.

Why Should Plan Bay Area be of Concern?

• The Plan never appeared on any ballot to receive voters’ approval, instead it was approved by agencies.  Going forward, voters will continue to be excluded from decision making, except for “community input,” under which planners make plans, hold meetings, the public speaks, and plans are implemented with little or no changes.

• Private property, neighborhood character, and voter control are in jeopardy.  When lawful political jurisdictions are blurred, voters lose the lawful authority granted to them by their own jurisdictions.  Example:  residents of one county pay for services they do not need but residents of another county do. 
1 Plan Bay Area’s website -  ~ Information by: Nine-County Coalition