Government Agencies Meetings


Most of these meetings include public comments, which afford an opportunity for Bay Area residents to make their voices heard.  If you would like the Nine-County Coalition to post an upcoming meeting or event happening in your city or county, send us the information via our “Contact Us” form.

Metropolitan Transportation Commission Meetings

The MTC has over the years become a one-stop shopping center for information on Bay area vital statistics, what gets built, what is being advocated by whom, and how regionalism is progressing in general.  Its numerous infrastructure, transportation and housing committees meet regularly.  Meetings are in the Bay Area Metro Center Board Room at 375 Beale Street in San Francisco, unless otherwise noted.  Committee meetings are open to the public and accept public comments.  Visit the MTC website for dates of upcoming meetings.

Meetings and Events of like-minded people


The Bay Area is home to numerous groups of like-minded people involved in issues of concern to Nine-County Coalition participants.

If your organization or neighborhood group is sponsoring an event that you believe might be of interest to readers of the Nine-County Coalition website, please let us know.  Use the “Contact Us” form.  

Contra Costa County Taxpayers' Association Breakfast Meetings


Taxpayers' Associations are not just about taxes.  They are about holding jurisdictions' feet to the fire to ensure public officials act responsibly and remain responsive to their constituents concerns. The Contra Costa County Taxpayers' Association is one of the most active of these organizations.  They hold Monthly Friday Breakfast  Meetings 7:45 to 9:00 am.

Potrero Neighborhood

Neighborhood groups can be a powerful force through which residents are able to communicate their needs to legislators.

One such group is Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods. Members hold monthly meetings. Visit their website for dates and times.