San Francisco Neighborhoods Honor a "Clean-Water Warrior"

In June 2017, the Nine-County Coalition posted an article called Water Wars and the Frog in Boiling Water, which listed a number of legislative changes, going as far back as 2002, that could be described as equivalent to the fable of the Frog in Boiling Water. Very slow changes are imperceptible. Although such changes are missed by the majority, some people are born with their ear to the ground, they do not miss anything, and are willing to fight not only on their own behalf but also on the behalf of all those affected by a harmful change.

Chris Bowman.JPG

One such fighter is Christopher Bowman.  On December 6, Chris was honored at a dinner presented by a whole set of fighters, the Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods!  Chris received a plaque for his continuing efforts to stop the absurd and unnecessary mixing of San Francisco’s clean, healthy water from Hetch Hetchy with the not so clean, unhealthy groundwater from the Westside Aquifer.  

As the event’s keynote speaker, San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim said, neighborhood and other groups that work to improve quality of life are crucial, because Supervisors and other officials come and go, but coalitions and their fighters remain.

We at the Nine-County Coalition thank and congratulate Chris Bowman.  Our neighborhoods, cities, and counties need a lot more folks like him.

If you reside in the City & County of San Francisco, and would like to keep your water free from the unhealthy level of contaminants found in the S.F. groundwater blend, we suggest you sign, or better yet sign and circulate, Petition to the Board of Supervisors:  No Groundwater in our Drinking Water!  You can print the petition from the website of the Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods' section Issues: Blended Drinking Water for San Francisco.  The petition demands that,

* All San Francisco drinking water must meet or exceed the current Hetch Hetchy water quality.

* Groundwater should not be used for drinking water.

* Use groundwater for irrigation, firefighting and street cleaning.

* The SFPUC must develop a plan to provide an adequate supply of high-quality drinking water during an emergency until full service is restored.

The CFSFN Blended Water section also has fact sheets and other information on the perils of the type of groundwater in question; for one thing, it is minimally treated.