Your Tax Money At Work: Bureaucrats Against Proposition 6?

Reform California, supporters of Proposition 6, wanted the proposal to appear on the November 2018 ballot as Gas Tax Repeal Initiative. Although the proposal also repeals several vehicle fees implemented by Senate Bill 1 and requires future voter approval of vehicle related taxes and fees, the main point of Proposition 6 is to repeal a significant gas tax increase.

However, what voters will see on their voters’ guide reads “Eliminates certain road repair and transportation funding. Requires certain fuel taxes and vehicle fees be approved by the electorate.” Eliminates road repair and transportation funding, not eliminates a significant raise in your gas tax?

Are Your Civil Servants Fair and Impartial?

The not so subtle change in the title of Proposition 6 sounds like the folks at the California Attorney General’s office, who are charged with assigning titles and descriptions to propositions, are not happy with the proposal.

Actually, supporters of Proposition 6 feel that a lot of bureaucrats are unhappy with the proposition. Reform California this week asked the federal government to investigate whether California public agencies are using taxpayer money to thwart Proposition 6. Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California, said he obtained emails through public records requests and plans to file complaints with local district attorney.

It’s Voters’ Decision

Obviously, should Proposition 6 be approved by voters, legislators are free to place all the taxes and fees implemented by SB 1 on a future ballot. Then voters will have the ultimate say-so on how much they wish to pay for their transportation needs.