BARC-ing Up The Wrong Tree

By Polly Baker

What if your government set up and operated a regional system of agencies with the goal of eliminating your legal political power and jurisdictions while it took control of your life? If this sounds crazy, I assure you it is not. Check it out for yourself:

The Bay Area Regional Collaborative (BARC) works on climate change, sea level rise, and the many other existential crises facing the human race. They don't really have the data, and one wonders if they have ever verified the true facts. Whatever you think of climate change, these crises require that you give up your money, property, privacy, freedom and country as you submit to a Soviet style patronage system of unaccountable appointed people and their five-year plans of the collective. It is the Soviet system of central planning. Does climate change really require this level of control over us?

In this scenario planning replaces law, decision makers replace elected representatives, public comment replaces voting, participatory democracy replaces the constitutional republic, and statistical regions replace sovereign jurisdictions (cities, counties, states, and nations). You can have your say on any issue; it just won't matter. Regional agencies can continue to expand control over your life without interruption.

Associated with BARC is AB32 California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, and SB375 Sustainable Communities Strategy, adopted in 2008. These bills are the proud parents of Plan Bay Area, the five-year housing and transit plan component of sustainable development. Do we have problems? Yes. Is this top down regional inventory and control system the best way to address them? Uumm.. no...

If you haven't heard of the sustainable development model for a planned economy, which is the inventory and control of all natural, human and financial resources -- better know as the three E's of environment, equity and economy -- then you are in for a big surprise.

Check out the California State government Fourth Climate Change Assessment website. The full report, published in August 2018, presents a climate agenda complete with our counties ignored and replaced by regions across our State.

Do you care if your legal political power is taken away from you? Do you care if agencies that control your life cannot be controlled? If so, tell your city council members or County Supervisors, State legislators, and the Governor to shut down this regional system and get rid of these unaccountable, unelected regional agency boards.

Tell them they are BARC-ing up the wrong tree.