Rohnert Park Mayor: "We did not Matter"

In an earlier post, the Nine-County Coalition questioned who MTC Commissioners represented — the cities and counties that selected them, or the MTC agenda. This video of the Rohnert Park City Council meeting of January 8, 2019, in which the CASA Compact was discussed, illustrates that question.

Seated are Council Members Joseph Callinan (Vice Mayor), Gina Belforte (Mayor), Jake Mackenzie (also MTC Commission Chair), Susan Adams, and Pam Stafford. All Council Members expressed emphatic opposition to the CASA Compact.

* At video location 1:15:20 Council Member Adams asks “can Rohnert Park be cut out of this?” The answer is “no,” since legislation will follow akin to RM3 that would apply to all cities.

* At 1:40:38 Council Member Stafford states that Rohnert Park does not need or want what the CASA Compact imposes. One could not in good conscience ask Rohnert Park residents to pay $15 million in taxes to benefit someplace else.

* At 1:48:48 Council Member Callinan summarizes the situation: “Are you crazy? That is ridiculous! This CASA Compact is a joke!”

* At 1:52:07 Mayor Belforte says, “It feels like we didn’t matter. It feel like a community didn’t matter.

Throughout the video Council Member and MTC Commission Chair MacKenzie speaks of the need to think regionally, only once reluctantly saying that he will bring the concerns being discussed to the MTC.

If you agree with the Rohnert Park Council Members’ assessment of the CASA Compact, show up at the ABAG meeting of January 17, 2019 and state your case!