Housing Summits - Showing Up is Half the Battle

“Housing Summits” might be coming to your neighborhood soon.  Residents would want to be prepared to find out who is presenting the summit, attend, and participate in public comments.  A Nine-County Coalition participant suggested that summit commenters consider posing the following comments:

*  What each county pays by way of housing-related taxes and it gets in return.  Note there is a difference between benefit to each specific county and benefit to the whole region.

*  San Francisco Bay Regional Authority Measure AA and Bay Area Toll Authority/Metropolitan Transportation Commission Regional Measure 3 passed on regional aggregate totals, not county by county totals.  This process essentially nullifies the will of voters in those counties where the measure did not pass.

*  Legislation emanating from Sacramento supports the original edicts of Plan Bay Area and Transit-Oriented Development. Yet neither plan was ever approved by voters.

*  Private organizations and foundations lobby in favor of plans such as CASA and Transit-Oriented Development.  Who really benefits?

*  Considering that subsidized housing is a prominent requirement of Plan Bay Area, Transit-Oriented Development and recent legislation, what will be the status of purely private property in years to come.

One example of such summits is one on May 10, 2019, at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, with a non-member entry fee of $600, and the purpose as noted on the summit announcementWe are bringing together diverse representatives from all aspects of the land use and development lifecycle to deliver innovative solutions in the realms of financing, the cost of building, policy, and the public process.

Another sample is the summit on February 25, 2019, presented by Solano City County Coordinating Council.  Admission is free.  The summit announcement promises discussion on “the impact of new housing legislation and its proposed linkage to transportation funding,” “what the ABAG/MTC designed plan means for Solano County and your City,” and whether Solano will be a “beneficiary” or a “victim.”

Just showing up, some say, wins half the battle.